British born Dr Michele d Moore migrated from London to Jamaica in her twenties to free herself from the rat race, live a better quality of life and create the lifestyle she always desired. ​

Recognising the need to assist those returning home, she created this platform to strengthen the connection between Jamaica and the diaspora and provide a reputable service for those returning or building a home in Jamaica.​

Home and Away Jamaica has evolved into a world of its own and attracted prospective and newly returned citizens as it continues to inspire and assist those who are planning, moving or living in Jamaica.​

The returnee entrepreneur continues to shine light on the island and passionately promotes Jamaica as a destination to live, work and invest.​

Living Life Holistically



Online TV​

Land & property matters​

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Jamaica Gleaner​


Home and Away Jamaica

Live Radio​

Connecting Jamaicans home and away​

Home and Away Jamaica

Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine​


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Podcast Radio​

Sharing migrating experiences in the world of Jamaica​

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